Ted Baker Men’s Jaacob Boat Shoe

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Don’t buy it just yet and read this review to know more about the product and how what other people think of it. Like many other similar category shoes in the market, this one too features the combination of leather fabric and synthetic sole that people have come to love. In fact, based on customer reviews, it can be said that this pair is indeed as a high in fashion as it is in durability. It is available in a stylish tan suede color that not only manages to stand apart from the crowd but also brings a noticeable contrast due to the white color moccasin stitched toe. As many people say, it’s difficult to take a look at ted baker shoes and not want to buy it; same can be said for this item.

Ted Baker Men's Jaacob Boat Shoefind-more-like-theseA dilemma many people often come across if they want to purchase a boat shoe for regular use involves not finding a pair that matches the perfect blend of looks and sturdiness. Since these shoes were first made to be utilized for those working on boats, time has reserved the tradition while infusing modern elements to make shoes of this category good for other uses as well. Nowadays, you’ll surely find many different varieties of boat shoes on sale online, but when it comes to quality, it’s hard to find a match comparable to ted baker mens shoes. This pair not only looks attractive but has also been made to withstand rough situations where ordinary shoes may fail. If you buy this pair, expected to last at least a few years if you put it to extensive use. And what’s even great about the brand is that they are geared towards manufacturing products that suit both professional and casual use. So, expect to look good wearing this pair at a party as well.

Still not convinced? Let take a complete look at the features. The Ted Baker Men’s Jaacob Boat Shoe is made of imported leather and comes with synthetic sole for extra grip on roads. The heel height of approximately 0.5 inches lends a greater degree of balance while walking on rough terrain while maintaining comfort as usual. However, one user has complained that this pair does not have any arch support and hence caused some issues. If you are looking for ted baker shoes sales, then it is highly recommended that you check more than one online store for discounts and attractive pricing. One thing is for certain; the brand value be getting with the purchase is unparalleled because Ted Baker is an international label that has yet not use any advertising campaign to promote their products and has yet managed to be one of the most loved names in the market. Just be a bit cautious while choosing the ideal size or else you may have to return the product for the proper size.

Ted Baker Men's Jaacob Boat Shoe Top Viewfind-more-like-thesePros

· Sturdy built and stylish visual aesthetics are redeeming factors

· Carries the Ted Baker brand tag

· Isn’t too expensive when compared to other brands


· Lack of arch may cause discomfort to some

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