Timberland Boat Shoes

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Timberland LogoTimberland is one of the most renowned manufacturers of quality shoes. The brand is known for toughness and durability. The company has been in existence for many years. During that time, they have built their reputation as a quality manufacturer of classic shoes.

Timberland StoreBoat Shoes from Timberland:

One of the most popular bands from Timberland is the timberland classic 2-eye boat shoe. This shoe manages to retain that rustic look of past years while at the same time keeping up with modern times.

The other boat shoe from Timberland is the timberland 3 eye boat shoes. There is little difference between these shoes. The only definitive difference in these shoes is that one has three eyes and the other two. Both of them are sturdy and useful for everyday walking.

Timberland StyleHow Did Boat Shoes Catch on:

The history of boat shoes can mainly be traced back to the United States. At the time, sailing was one of the biggest economic activities. It involved a lot of people who sailed out to sea in the hope of cashing in big one day. However, it was very problematic working on the boats if that era.

Back then boats were quite tiny, what we call ships today are monsters compared to the ships of that era. As a result, the rough seas would do a number on them. They would easily sway in all directions at the slightest waves. Besides that, the decks were all wooden. When sailors tried to stand on these wooden decks, they would slip and fall quite often. It presented a challenge for sailors, who they gladly accepted.

The discovery came in 1938 when a sailor took his dog out for a walk. He noticed that it remained extremely stable on the ice. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that its feet had cracks that resembled a herringbone pattern.

He went on to produce shoes that had a herringbone-like pattern at the bottom. However, the shoes left marks on the surface of the boats. Upon further inspection, he noticed that white soles did not leave such a mark. I the years that followed, almost every sailor wanted to own his unique shoes.

Timberland Men's Classic Two-Eye Boat ShoeWhy Choose Timberland:

Unfortunately, most brands have lowered their quality. Now they just sell the name without the quality. However, Timberland has never had the need to do that. All their shoes remain as awesome as they were back in the day. The company still uses the best leather in the world in its shoes. Besides that, their shoes use the same quality soles as ever. One thing that people who wore Timberland shoes as kids realize is that one had to outgrow the shoe. The shoes never come apart if it is properly maintained.

Timberland classic boat shoes are some of the finest shoes for anyone. Best of all, they can be worth both casually and formally. They are not cheap, but they will be worth every penny spent. However, buyers should be careful not to buy knock offs.

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